SBSC Past Conferences

The Brazilian Symposium on Collaborative Systems began in 2003 in Salvador. We are happy to announce that the event has now returned to its birthplace after passing through other Brazilian cities such as: Curitiba, Manaus, São Paulo, Paraty, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Vitoria, Rio de Janeiro, Natal, Juiz de Fora, and Ribeirao Preto. The event, which was born as a track of Webmedia, became a workshop (WCSCW - Brazilian Workshop on Technologies for Collaboration). In 2005 the Special Committee on Collaborative Systems (CESC) was adopted by SBC and the name of the event became the Brazilian Symposium on Collaborative Systems (SBSC).

The SBSC is now the main national forum for the research community in this area. The proceedings of the last editions of the event were published by IEEE and more recently by ACM.